West Papua Art Book


We are looking for your words of art!

You, a writer of any kind, are willing to write a poem about West Papua. This could be about your connection with this land, it’s culture, it’s struggle, your personal experience with West Papua, the country itself, your sister’s experience, or that of your ancestors. Maybe you’ve never been to West Papua, but imagine it to be a certain way. Anything is possible, as long as West Papua is the inspiration of your work.

It doesn’t matter if you are a published writer or an amateur writer. Even if you don’t call yourself a writer, everyone can send in their work! A poem that rhymes, a poem that doesn’t rhyme, a full page or a single word.

The poem!

Your work needs to meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for this project:

| your work needs to be original. you should own the rights to the work | your work has a minimum of one word and a maximum length of one A4 size paper | the poem need to be written in English. If written in another language, it needs to be accompanied with an English translation (both versions will be used in the book) | the subject of your work is West Papua | take your time to compose a poem, however, we only have space for 56 poems in the book. poems received later might not be eligible because the book is full.

Why join?

This is a great way for writers to have their work published, or for published writers to help out a good cause. Plus it’s a unique opportunity to see your poem be brought to life by an artist. You never know how it’s going to turn out. One thing is for sure though; it’s going to be amazing.

Start writing for a good cause!

Let the beauty, the culture or the struggle of West Papua inspire you to write what you need to write.

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