West Papua Art Book


We are looking for your stroke of genius!

You, an artist of any kind, will receive a poem about West Papua. This poem is written by an anonymous writer and can be a full page or a single word. It’s your challenge, as an artist, to illustrate this poem. You can base your work on a single word or the entire poem. Get inspired by the message, or simply the feeling you get by reading this work.

It doesn’t matter if you work with brush, pencil or digital, or even sculpt something. Everyone can apply. There are no boundaries in style, color or materials. You can make it as friendly, harsh or explicit as you like. You’re completely free!

The artwork!

Your work needs to meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for this project:

| your work needs to be original. you should own the rights to the work | your work meets the requirements to be printed on A4 size paper (standing) | you base your work on a poem you will receive after applying

Why join?

This is a great way for artists to display their work worldwide. Also be inspired by powerfull words of creation. Plus you get to be a part of change for the people of West Papua!

Start creating for a good cause!

So apply, pick up your tool and start creating for a good cause!

Click the button below to apply as an artist. You will receive a poem, once one is available for you.


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